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Vine Street Salon

Vine Street Salon has been an established business in Berkeley since 1992. This is the first time in 28 years we have been closed to the public! It would have been an amazing amount of time for a round the world vacation,but, not for Covid-19. All of us know that this has not been relaxing. The stress of "not knowing" has taken it's toll. Each of us has had to make drastic changes to our lives. A service at Vine Street Salon or salons in general have always been a good "go to" as an hour or two where we can do something for ourselves in the midst of our every day life. Stylists miss their clients. Clients miss their stylists and their talent for making them look and feel better. They call us non-essential and we get that, but, there are thousands, if not millions, of people right now who would disagree!

Kidding aside, we do understand that going forward in a responsible and safe manner is what we were trained to do. Our industry taught us and our license was granted as long as #1 was the safety and sanitation of every service we do. Now it is multiplied by the urgency we all feel in dealing with this virus and we will meet and exceed the challenge! Whatever it takes we will do. Vine Street Salon loves a challenge and we all like to win. That is what we are going to do, all of us. Stay well and see you soon!


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    2118 Vine Street Suite D, Berkeley CA 94709

Vine Street Salon Misses You!

Unfortunately Vine Street Salon is still closed, but, we are working on how we go forward making the salon 100% ready for everyone's return! We are eager to get back to work!